better than dead

anti-speciesm is preached by vegans everywhere.  the concept of not putting one animal above another based on how cute, cuddly or domestic they are is age old.  but within the vegan ranks there arises a conflict when it comes to companion animals.  the pet food industry is probably the worst offender when it comes to meat processing, and by feeding dogs and cats meat we are still creating demand for other animal species to be abused, tortured and killed.  the meat/pet food industry will have you believing that your pets need their product to survive, but this is simply not the case.  in fact, nearly all pet foods out there right now are actually bad for your pets despite the industry saying how good they are (sound familiar?).  much like they have an overwhelmingly large percentage of the population believing that humans need meat and dairy to survive, these industries have got pet owners fooled as well.  with scary words and descriptions like obligate carnivoe, ancestry, wolf descendant, lion descendant, crave and hunter, the pet food industry is making itself a ton of money on the backs of the very animals we are trying to protect.   it is very easy to raise vegan dogs.

it’s also easy to raise vegan cats.  the bottom line is that any living organism needs the nutrients it needs to survive…period.  it doesn’t matter what the source is, as long as we get what we need.  there are vegan cat foods out there that contain everything your kitties need to live a long healthy life.

now here’s where better than dead comes in.  pets and companion animals are human creations, molded by us to suit our needs.  breeding of these animals needs to stop so that the abandoned, neglected and unloved can be cared for.  if every companion animal is a rescue, then by definition they come from dire situations where they face an uncertain future at best.  very premature death is highly likely and a miserable time alive is almost a certainty.  it’s therefore not a stretch to rescue them AND make sure that their existence doesn’t inflict pain and suffering on other living beings that surely must be equally deserving of our compassion.  IF, and we say ‘if’ because it has not been proven, but IF feeding a companion dog or cat a vegan diet while they are enjoying love, compassion and a better life means that their lives are somewhat shortened by that diet (fifi lives 12 instead of 14 years), it’s still ‘better than dead’.  and it’s certainly better than dead for the animals that would end up in pet food.

if you are an animal or human rights activist reading this, ask yourself a question.  IF it were proven tomorrow that being vegan would shorten your life by 10 years, would you start consuming animals and inflicting torture on innocent beings, or would you continue to fight for their rights…maybe with a new urgency.  saved from certain death in a puppy mill, fighting for life in an alley or on the line of a factory farm…their lives as vegans are ‘better than dead’!

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