better than dead

anti-speciesm is preached by vegans everywhere.  the concept of not putting one animal above another based on how cute, cuddly or domestic they are is age old.  but within the vegan ranks there arises a conflict when it comes to companion animals.  the pet food industry is probably the worst offender when it comes to… View Article

enter the changeling

dusk settles in. the half light gives way to darkness and the wait begins. timing has been decided on, habits have been evaluated…techniques scrutinized. waiting. waiting. promising sighting…maybe…yes, no. waiting. resisting the urge to break protocol. more waiting. desires…no; necessity, instinct is pulling. a look in the right direction, and then one at the surroundings…. View Article

animal control?

Good ol’ Jersey City.  Good ‘old’ Jersey City.  And ‘old’, dare we say antiquated, animal policies.  The loss of one of our good ol’ local colony cats, Roxy, shouldn’t go unnoticed.  And neither should the incidents of the week prior to her body’s discovery.   A lot of you already know from fb that we… View Article

coming soon

Comin’ soon & comin’ correct! Be on the lookout for some animal wellfare bloggage,  NL style.  There’s more than meets the eye in the urban animal kingdom and some of it might just surprise you.  And keep in mind that we rep the human animals out there too. Action and interactions;  art and awareness…compassion.