26 april 2018 - DOMINION screening >>> 1900-0000>>> NOT LOST, 287 communipaw avenue, jersey city, nj 07304

please join us for the second event of the spring...the screening of the much lauded animal rights activism film, Dominion.  activists, future activists and non-activists welcome.  bring your non-vegan friends so they can see how we roll.  vegan food will be prepared and served by jersey city's very own edgar soto, vegan chef @subiasorganicmarket.  this event is b.y.o.b. and $15 at the door gets you food and a movie (non-vegans get in free and get a beer on the house!)

4 july 2017 - vegan barbecue and fireworks >>> 1300-2200 >>> liberty state park, boat ramp barbecue grills
let freedom ring...for all. it’s not, “let freedom ring for some; let it ring for the ones you like and not the ones you don’t like. no...it’s “let freedom ring”...period!

so stop pretending that you care about animals because you love your dog or your cat. sure, you love your dog or cat but you eat pigs, chickens and cows. you drink cows’ milk and eat goat cheese but couldn’t imagine drinking pigs’ milk or eatin’ opossum. let’s take this day and seize the opportunity to embrace ‘some’ of what this country stands for. freedom, equality, and choice...and not just for human animals, dogs and cats...for ALL animals. you can’t be an animal lover if you only love some animals. just like you can’t stand for human rights if you scoff at the person begging for change or the person with a different sexual orientation than you…

this fourth of july, let’s truly let freedom ring here in jersey city...and let’s set an example.

we're hosting a vegan, cruelty free bbq right in the middle of a bunch of misinformed, blinded peeps...friends, neighbors and acquaintances that are still convinced that eating other animals is ok. We’ll show them that we can have just as good of a time as them...without killing anything…

if you don’t agree, we really hope you’ll show up...great food, good times and no animals harmed. let’s have a truly compassionate independence day! liberty state park for real!!!

22 july 2017 - animals asia screening of To the Moon and Back >>> 1600-1900 >>> NOT LOST, 287 communipaw avenue, jersey city, nj  07304
come join NOT LOST for a late afternoon screening of TO THE MOON AND BACK! this brand new 55-minute documentary by director andrew telling exposes the cruelty of bear bile farming in asia and the efforts of animal advocate, jill robinson, to end it. $10 suggested donation at the door, proceeds go to animals asia foundation.

stay afterwards for a Q&A with madeleine truax of animals asia foundation and vegan snacks. this event is BYOB!

24 june 2017 - oddities market >>> 1200-1700 >>> historic harsimus cove cemetery
come visit our table at the next oddities market. we'll be there with all the usual stuff to champion animal rights. stop by to say 'hey'. as always, the NOT LOST merch on your person when you show up entitles you to beverages...and discounts. we'll also provide you with a vegan guide to the market to keep your compassionate shopping on track.

10 june 2017 - after party >>> 1700-late >>> NOT LOST, 287 communipaw avenue, jersey city, nj 07304
after the flea; ride, walk or drive around the corner to NOT LOST for the after party. b.y.o.b. and music by ZAK.

10 june 2017 - pacific flea >>> 1100-1700 >>> 149 pacific avenue, jersey city, nj 07304
come visit our table at the next pacific flea. we'll have info, vegan treats/brews and merch...on top of everything the flea already has to offer. ride your bike over to get 10% off merch and lots of street cred. ride your bike over wearing your NOT LOST merch and get an additional 10% off, an extra lot of street cred...and beer.