NOT LOST:  humanimal rights kollectiv and urban initiative to educate and open eyes

in an effort to lift the veil of misdirection and desensitization blinding the majority of the people in our communities, we are creating outposts in urban areas to provide environments in which to learn, converse, support and grow free.  we have been isolated from the truths about our food supply and our pharmaceutical industry and our urban areas have been intentionally made into food deserts.  the cornerstone of this deception is the monetization of animals and our desensitization to their plight. 

this system that enslaves the animals enslaves us all

standing up for the voiceless is a trait inherent in human beings...our outposts will reconnect our communities with their compassion and introduce them to a cruelty free, healthy, conscious lifestyle 

WE SUPPORT, financially and actively, organizations that share our vision

WE PROMOTE a cruelty free lifestyle through education and community interaction 

WE UNITE cruelty free artisans and our communities to make their products more accessible 

WE RESCUE animals through direct action and by donating proceeds to select animal rescue organizations locally and globally

To the voiceless...we are are NOT LOST.


vegan outpost #001

287 communipaw avenue
jersey city, nj  07304